A Blast From Iowa's Past

A Webquest for 5th Grade

Join us on an adventure as we travel back in time to join Mary Wilcox in Iowa in the early 1800s. We will find out what pioneer life was like as the United States expanded westward and how it applies to our lives today.

Depiction of Fort Atkinson, 1840s

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From the "Fort Atkinson Self-Guided Walking Tour Brochure."

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I would like to thank the University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist for the use of the book Child of the Sun by Mary Wilcox Burnett, for their work associated with the site of Fort Atkinson, Iowa, and for their Educational Outreach programs. More information about the State Archaeology activities can be found at their web site. More information about Fort Atkinson, Iowa, including their annual rendezvous re-enactment can be found at the city's web site.